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Remember those good old days when Saturday mornings were meant to be lounging around in PJs watching awesome cartoons? In style and substance, THE LEGEND OF HALLOWAIIAN will take you back.


The legend of hallowaiian movie poster
Sean Patrick O'Reilly
United States
82 minutes

It is Halloween night in Hawaii, or Hallowaiian, as it’s locally known, so excitement and mischief are in the air. While surfing on a local beach at sunset, our three young heroes, Kai, Leilani, and Eddie, uncover a mysterious idol they find in an underwater cave. 

Disbelieving his grandfather’s warnings, Kai and his friends quickly discover that they’ve unleashed an ancient evil being upon the island. Things get stranger than usual on this Hallowaiian night as a giant pineapple-headed monster is let loose onto the unsuspecting town of Hilo. 

Our young friends find help from ancient mystical creatures, the Menehune, though there is only one thing that can truly defeat Pineapplehead – Kai, with help from Leilani and Eddie, must uncover his heritage, and believe the ancient stories of his ancestors in order to vanquish this evil, and save his friends, family, and home. 

Special Admission

$5 suggested; no one turned away for lack of funds

Portland Dance Film Festival Picks 2


Saturday, Oct 20

76 minutes of original, beautiful, and diverse dance for film from France, Russia, United Kingdom, Cuba, Australia, and the United States, one of which is from an Oregon artist. 

Doors open @ 7:00.

PDFF Picks 2

Le Choregrave / France – 4:27 
At a Christmas diner where connections between people is impossible, Salla is trying to make them move.. In 2017 Jake Russell created the French project “Le Chorégrave”. With a team of artists he writes, directs and shoots short one shot films where the camera, dance and live music all combine to create an artistic performance that falls into no category. Each film is shot in carefully selected venues where sound is recorded live during each performance, with no cues to direct the dancers, and no editing after the shoot.

our last aria / US – 7:14 
Filmed on location in the Eureka dunes of Death Valley California, “our last aria” follows the journey of two figures traversing a kinetic and emotional landscape in the heart of a desert wilderness.

Taste of Night / Russia – 7:47 
‘Taste of Night’ is a dance short film in the style of ironic noir is the fantastic story that happened at the ball. No one knows what Fate has prepared for him, and how the day will end. A brilliant, handsome man meets a young girl at the party. He tries to seduce her. Is it possible if the girl is an extraordinary creature? This film is a part of project that aimed to modify stereotyped impression of tango as a dance in red dress with rose between teeth that a lot of people still have.

Thread a Stair / United Kingdom – 3:13 
‘Thread a Stair’ sees a disoriented dancer thread his way out of a never ending staircase. The choreography takes inspiration from a family of movements in breakin’ (breakdance) known as threads to create stair specific sequences, steps and concepts. A result of close collaboration with both music producer and animator, Thread a Stair is a coherent piece of confusing art that shines a light on the intricacies and playful nature of this dance.

I think I know where I stand / USA – 4:27 
An exploration of individuality, femininity, and youth through improvised movement.

Maura / Cuba – 13:08 
Dancer and choreographer Maura Morales fled from Cuba at the age of 17. In this short documentary / dance film, she explores her own history, the concept of home as well as the current socio-cultural situation in her former homeland.

Digital Afterlives / Australia – 4:47 
A man in white-winged angel shoes in an infinite black space is awakened by the strains of Franz Liszt’s “Totentanz” (“The Dance of the Dead”). He gets multiplied and manipulated through all the dimensions of infinite black. None of the incarnations of his body have free will as he is thrown, bounced, split, squelched, flopped, frozen, and slid through multitudinous geometries by an unknown force, finally to be returned to his original form and spat out onto the junk heap of history. Could the insistent music be a god manipulating him in this afterlife? Would a breakout lead him to a better world or just another incarnation of himself as a puppet?

A Guide to Breathing Underwater / USA – 7:15 (Nudity) 
A Guide to Breathing Underwater follows a person’s quest to find solace in his body. Using dance and gesture, shadow and light, we see him traverse through New York City, looking for his utopia. When he finds an open space overflowing with air and water: an exhale. Finally, he can be still.

sweetgrass / Oregon Artist – 10:56 
Sweetgrass is an aromatic herb native to North America. It can be harvested up to five times per year and is also referred to as ‘Holy Grass’.

Wait / USA – 6:58 
“Wait” is a queer film about the cyclical nature of co-dependency. It explores intimate moments in which we define our identity through another person and the dismantling required to start over.

TWINS “You Must Be Related!” / USA – 3:48 
Two dancers, who also twins, explore public perceptions of twins and their internal struggle of sisterhood.

Special Admission

$12 in advance; $15 at the door.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show "BIY"


Saturday, Oct 20
Saturday, Nov 10
Saturday, Nov 24
Saturday, Dec 8
Saturday, Dec 22

Every Saturday night since1978, the historic Clinton Street Theater has played host to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Before Gaga told us it was okay to be "Born This Way" we had the fishnet clad sexual liberation of Frank-n-furter teling us, "Don't Dream it, Be it."

It is in the spirit of over 40 years of this liberation that we invite you to come "Be It" Yourself.

The Rocky B.I.Y. nights turn the attention on YOU the audience.

You bring the costumes!

You bring the dance numbers!

You bring the fun!

Unpack that French Maid's dress from that box behind the kids' old toys and dust off your tap shoes. Whether you are are a virgin or a veteran you'll delight in this cinematic right of passage and cherished Portland tradition.

Doors open at 11:00pm - beer, wine & hard cider available for those 21 and over - prop bags for sale - preshow with virgin games and MC Nathan!!!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jim Sharman

35mm Print!!

We're not going to explain this one - you just have to see it.

Special Admission

$10 at the door; purchase in advance for $9.