Today at The Clinton: Wednesday, Oct 1

Today At The Clinton Street Theater

Portland Premiere: SUGGESTIVE GESTURES and TriPinKie


Wednesday, Oct 1

Tonight we are proud to present the Portland Premiere of two new experimental works. The short animation TriPinKie from local artist Jefferson Kincaid premieres prior to the premiere of SUGGESTIVE GESTURES by David Finkelstein.

Director David Finkelstein characterizes his film as a 'landscape.' Words, images, and music are all used to evoke a series of changing textures and an evolving inner landscape, which the viewer is free to enjoy in the same way one enjoys a captivating view: by savoring the spatial and color relationships, and becoming immersed in the mood and emotional flavor of each scene, without necessarily expecting the experience to make statements or tell a story. The words, all improvised by Finkelstein and actress Cassie Terman, become physical objects in the scene, where they literally create the landscape and generate the volatile, changing moods of the piece. 'Gertrude Stein was the first one to suggest that language could be used to create a landscape, rather than tell a story,' says Finkelstein, 'and her idea is still proving to be a fruitful way to make performances and films.'

Legendary underground filmmaker Mike Kuchar says of this work, "A poet's journey though corridors of liquid geometry where words float and echoes are visual; where portals open onto morphing gardens with unlimited horizons."

Artist's Bio: DAVID FINKELSTEIN's video work has been featured in numerous film festivals around the world and has won awards at twelve of them. In 2013, he was an invited artist at the Traverse Vidéo Festival in Toulouse, France. His first feature film premiered this year at New Filmmakers in New York. He has had solo screenings of his films in New York, North Carolina, Minnesota, Los Angeles and San Francisco. His work has been funded by The Fund for Creative Communities, The Field, Movement Research, Meet the Composer, The Brooklyn Arts Exchange, BACA, and other sources.

Jefferson Kincaid has been an independent video producer since 1995, and has the longest running UFO cable show in Oregon. He started learning animation, mostly self-taught, in 1997.  He has produced a variety of local documentaries and several abstract video shorts including animations.  Portland Community Media is where he's learned and made his videos.  His video work is reflective of a variety of interests including a passion for art and science, a concern for health and well being, which Jefferson gained from a background of being a therapist and teacher, and studies that go well beyond his M.Ed.

Tonight's screening is sponsored by EFF Portland and directors David Finklestein and Jefferson Kincaid are in attendance for a spirited Q&A after the screenings.

David Finkelstein
75 minutes

Traveling along the path of a labyrinth, the viewer passes through a series of extremely diverse landscapes, which are created through lush animation, evocative orchestral music, and rich dialog, in which words are used as much for rhythm and texture as they are for meaning. A man and woman guide us on this trip, taking us past gently falling Mondrian paintings, violent car crashes and bombing raids, and a pair of dancing, multicolored boxes, among many other settings. Based on an improvised performance, 'Suggestive Gestures' leads us gradually and indirectly towards a mysterious animal, hiding in the center of the maze.

Jefferson Kincaid

This short experimental abstract animation video took a year and a half to make.  First I started working with graphics with only the desire of radically distorting a clip I’d made in the program “Motion”.  I created a “palette” of very diverse sub-sequences that could be further altered while having elements of not knowing what would happen and spontaneity.  Later I began to make different origin clips and modify these.  I used standard definition and later switched to high definition.  I did do some drawing but mostly relied upon the continual alterations of the graphics I created that could include very many layers of video.  Along the way this video started taking shape into what I consider is a conceptual triptych involving three different emotional states. The audio was done last and took about forty hours.  My preference is to let people first watch my abstract work and then fill in the details about how I came up with it later.

Special Admission