Today At The Clinton Street Theater

Rehearsal times for Frankenstein: A Cabaret


Tuesday, Sep 27

Frankenstein: A Cabaret is using the theater for rehearsals.

Tech walk-through Sunday, September 25 from 10am to 3pm

Tech Dress Rehearsal Monday, September 26 from 2pm to 5:30pm

Full Dress Rehearsal Tuesday, September 27 from 2pm to 5:30pm

Special Admission

These rehearsals are closed to the public.


Death Talk is a monthly series of films about death and dying followed by conversation.

Love In Our Own Time film + discussion


Tuesday, Sep 27

IMDB User Review

Profoundly moving & promoted rich discussion with fellow psychologists.

28 April 2014 | by ian-leadership (Sydney, Australia) 

This is an amazing and beautiful film which I have now watched several times and also used with a peer group of psychologists for our own professional development. It provoked very rich discussion about birth, life and death, relating it to our own personal experiences and reflecting on our own practice with clients. I see it as having potential use with a wide variety of health and helping professionals as it certainly deepened my own appreciation of what it is like for the families in the film. I don't think I have seen anything close to this in depicting so well the process of dying and that experience for the terminally ill and their families. The film is able to balance this with sensitive use of space and imagery that enables reflection during the course of the film. Showing the beginnings and endings of life, this film took me deeply into my own reflections on life. I am grateful to the individuals and families who were willing to share their intimate moments and enable us to see what is far too often concealed from view in our society.

Love in Our Own Time
Tom Murray, Madeleine Hetherton
93 minutes

Love in Our Own Time is a documentary about the extraordinariness of ordinary life, and visits those moments both simple and sublime that compose the lives we lead.

Following seven ordinary Australian families we travel the length and breadth of human experience and bear witness to lives both beginning and ending: John, who has just retired and is about to explore the world with his much loved wife, finds out instead that he has terminal cancer and must live out the rest of his life in a few short, sweet months. Kate and Daniel are approaching the other end of life with the birth of their fifth and final child. Meanwhile seventy-five year old Jutta’s life springs into focus as her loving family gathers to hold vigil over her last days. At a nearby birth centre Fiona and Mel are excited at the prospect of meeting their second child, while eighty-something Doug is determined to leave hospital and spend his last days at home with his family. Watching over all of these comings and goings at the hospital is Noelene, to whom life is a ‘very strange’ and interesting business.

Interwoven through these powerful stories and others is a journey to the heart of what it is to be human.

Special Admission

$5-10 suggested donation; no one turned away for lack of funds.