Today at The Clinton: Monday, Oct 5

Today At The Clinton Street Theater

The Lyric Project


Monday, Oct 5

Come experience the lyric project

Tonight's program includes all videos from the first season, including two premiere episodes and a few remixes of early episodes. Live performances. Give-a-ways. Dancing. Team Brown. 

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The Lyric Project show poster

the lyric project is a love letter to songs we (and you) dig. whether it be the song you sing while taking out the trash, that bus stop beat you can't get out of your head, or that song that triggers heart break or joy when you hear the first few seconds. what we want to do is create short films with you!

this is how it works:

the process is simple. we want you to pick a song that has lyrics you love, i mean love, lyrics that touch you in a funny, uplifting, downtrodden, blitz out of your mind way. it doesn't matter what genre.

next, record said lyrics using your phone, or mic set up in a quiet place. then send the audio file to us, along with a brief explanation of why you picked that piece.

we will read and listen to your submission. finally we will go out and shoot video that we feel captures that feel of your reading and lyric choice.

after that, done, posted, and added to our page. we hope to get many people involved who truly appreciate the sometimes absurdity and beauty of some of our favorite songs lyrics.

Special Admission