Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Feb 25

Zombie Cats from Mars

Zombie Cats from Mars



When a ship from outer space crash lands, the city of Portland is in for a wild ride. As the body count rises, it's up to Billy to not just save his town, but the world!

From the out of control creators of PICKLED and HOLED-UP, comes a hysterical comedy that you will never forget.

Film director, Montetré, will be on hand at all screenings selling merch, signing autographs and answering your questions.

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97 minutes

The story centers on Billy, an effeminate fan of vintage science fiction action thrillers. His only friend is Cameron, a nerdy film buff who tries to boost his confidence whenever he can. After seeing a UFO land, Billy retreats into his head, imagining that aliens are taking over the town. Cameron is skeptical, as is the rest of the town. Meanwhile, people are starting to die. First, the reclusive cat lady, Percis, is discovered mutilated by Lester, the churchgoing husband of Carolyn, Percis's depressed caretaker. Random deaths soon follow, first a jogger, and then a janitor at the Carbonics Warehouse. A pair of news reporters share this information with the public while the Detective and his Chief try to solve the killings. Meanwhile, the killings continue. Billy, wrapped up in a world of fiction, discovers a story in which Martian Cats land on Earth and inflict horror upon the town. Confident that the killings are the result of the UFO delivering alien cats, he sets off on his own superhero mission to save the town.

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