Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Apr 23

WHAT IS ART? Questioned & Answered.

WHAT IS ART? Questioned & Answered.



Are you struggling for artistic answers in confusing times?

What is the purpose of art, is it merely decorative, is it propaganda for the powerful, or does it serve a higher purpose?

Art has been used by the church and by kings as the earliest of propaganda, it has been used by governments up though modern times. They know the power of art, but does the artist? 

We ask these questions without a fixed answer, our goal is to ponder this with other creatives.

This multimedia event and live discussion gives the artist an opportunity to share their Individual perspectives, personal political fetishes, and discuss the artistic desire to shape their own realities. 

We will record the event for and websites, and split any money raised between the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC), and the Internet Archive.

More like mini-Ted Talks, this isn’t a night of bumper-sticker fixes and unrealistic feel-good phrases. This is about long form discussion, artistic insight and raw emotion.

Join us for an eye opening and unforgettable evening.

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shane bugbee
Shane Bugbee

Shane Bugbee  is an artist, author, and underground icon, well known for his days as an controversial publisher and outspoken podcaster. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, he’s been interviewed in major publications including the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and Vice, he was a major figure in the Transgressive Art Movement and featured in the book ‘Art That Kills’. He is also a filmmaker, author, journalist, and new media pioneer.

rick shapiro
Rick Shapiro

Rick Shapiro is one of the most innovative and surreal comedic artists to date: A staple of the NYC and LA Underground Comedy Scene. Rick is known for his ability to improvise, making up much of his trademark long sets on the spot. Rick Shapiro was a regular on HBO’s sitcom, "Lucky Louie," as the brother-in-law Jerry; this role proudly featured full frontal nudity. He is the voice of Grand Theft Auto IV’s Mason Waylon on the radio station PLR and is staring the movie Project X (Joel Silver, Todd Philips), released in 2012. Rick's comedy albums are : CATALYST FOR CHANGE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE both distributed by Stand-Up Records. Catch Rick on this season's MARON on IFC and in an upcoming PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE commercial. Rick, although a long-time devote Lower East Side performer, now resides in Los Angeles.

Special Admission

$13 v.i.p. ticket for may 9th show can be purchased HERE, includes a swag bag full of stickers and patches and pins and cool, art-ish items. well over $50 value. MUST BE PICKED UP AT VENUE!

Other tickets at the door--sliding scale $7-10 suggested; no one turned away for lack of funds.