Unloaded Comedy Showcase

Unloaded Comedy Showcase


unloaded comedy show April 2019


Unloaded Comedy -- Laugh Yourself Clean is a recovery based stand-up comedy show. We share experience, strength and hope through comedy by bringing light to dark places and shattering stigmas surrounding addiction. A true comedy showcase, Unloaded Comedy includes several clean and sober comedians that get quite candid about their struggles with addiction in ways that will make audiences laugh. This show is sponsored by Serenity Lane, a private not-for-profit treatment center for alcohol and other drug addictions.

We are excited to bring to you some of the greatest recovery comedians from around the Pacific Northwest. Check below for the lineup…

Doors at 7:30pm.


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Host/Comic Bios


Trisha Glenna…was born the baby in a family with four much older brothers and was the only 5th grader in her Lutheran School quoting Cheech & Chong movies. The winner of the 2013 Laff Off in Eugene, OR, she has also performed in the NW Women’s Comedy Festival and opened for Rob Delaney. She isn’t quitting her day job as a Human Resources Manager at a drug and alcohol treatment center, where she never lacks for material.


Sam Miller…has lived with Alcoholism and Methamphetamine addiction since his early teens. He is now in recovery and is currently a husband, father, student and comedian. He has performed at The Washington Center for the Performing Arts, Bumbershoot, and the Seattle International Comedy Competition.

Jeremiah Coughlan…is a comedian who physically resembles what would happen if Chris Farley ate Bob Ross while his stage presence embodies some of the traits of those two. Coughlan is an imperfect mix of chaos and control. He has been invited to perform as part of AA and NA conventions and fund raisers all over the country. In 2017, he was asked to perform with Kurtis Mathews and Mark Lundholm on the Addict’s Comedy Tour.

Julia Ramos…is a Portland stand-up comic who has made her mark by leaving no issue in her life off limits. She’s been invited to perform at the All Jane Comedy Festival, The Northwest Women’s Comedy Festival and is a co-host for Minority Retort, a showcase in Portland highlighting the talents of local and distant comedians of color. Julia’s main goal is to keep the conversation open on topics that aren’t always easy to discuss. She feels a solid punchline is the best way to fuel that conversation.

Joanie Quinn…is a rainbow haired, Menopause Mom of four. She’s saving up for their therapy one performance at a time. Joanie regularly performs in Portland’s comedy show “Spilt Milk: you’ll laugh til you cry!”, Harvey’s Comedy Club, and has appeared at Helium Comedy Club and The Legendary Ice House in Pasadena. She has 14 years of sobriety and has finally realized that a normy wouldn’t pack a martini to bring to the hospital for after their child was born.  

Mike Lindsey…the producer of Unloaded Comedy, has been lots of things in his life. From a cost accountant to a baseball coach to a once homeless meth addict that is now in recovery. He uses this unique variety of life experiences to craft jokes that are candid, honest and revealing. They leave you wondering, “did he really do that?” With his deadpan style and likable personality, Mike has performed at venues across the Pacific Northwest from Seattle to Eugene including Comedy Underground (Seattle), Helium Comedy Club (Portland) and various competitions, conventions and showcases in the region.

Special Admission

$15 in advance; $20 at the door.