Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Feb 20

1:00pm Video Shoot

Turnback Boyz

Turnback Boyz


Saturday, Apr 21

Turnback Boyz are a time-traveling queer boyband, exploring history and empowering queers in need.  This inter-galactic, collaborative musical theater ensemble stars Peter Pansy, Oliver Gold, Tommy Tugunns and JB Bender!  Tonight's show will feature original songs including Love is Cheesy, Asstrology, Consent is Sexy, Fool's Gold, Self Made Man, Yelling in the Dark, plus covers of some of your faves!  With live music, sweet sweet harmonies, cool choreography, fabulous fashion, camp and humor, history lessons plus special guest performers, we will turn you! 

Special thanks to Kim Lundin for collaborating/directing, Dru Rutledge for vocal coaching and CJ for music production.

More info: or follow us on social media @turnbackboyz

All Ages (adult content warning for queer themes and kink)

Special Admission

Sliding scale $5-25