Today at The Clinton: Friday, Sep 24

Time As Money

Time As Money


Edgar Cahn, founder of TimeBanks USA says: "More than a currency: TimeBanking is a movement. There are three levels of rules: the rules that define value; the rules for changing the rules; and the rules for changing the rules for changing the rules. TimeBanking goes to the third level -empowering us all to change the rules for changing the rules that dictate how the rules are to be made. This film captures the spirit and heart of the movement."

Before and after the screening, you'll be able to get more information about time banking and how to join the PDX Time Bank.

Time As Money: A Documentary Film about Time Banking

From small town neighborhoods to cities, the shift in the economy and continued financial struggles is having an adverse effect on communities and creating devastating isolation for its inhabitants. As a result, time banks begin to form encouraging members to repair and rebuild their community without cash. But, new time bankers must adapt to a new system without money in order to keep their neighborhoods strong and flourishing.

Special Admission

$5 or 1.5 time dollars for PDX Time Bank members