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Summer 10 Minute Play Festival

Summer 10 Minute Play Festival


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The Portland Ten Minute Play Festival is a seasonal collaborative event created by Monkey With a Hat On. The festival features nine locally written ten minute plays. Each play features different writers, actors and directors - many people are involved.  The festival is a seasonal opportunity for Portland artists to share moments.  It's also an opportunity for the audience to see a wide range of stories in one night. It's a pretty sweet, fun, festival atmosphere.

We started the Ten Minute Play Fest because we wanted there to be inexpensive, fun theater where we could involve a wide range of different types of artists. None of us are professional 'thespians'. We are writers, waiters, cooks, bike messengers, city workers, teachers, coffee shop workers, and everything in between. When we first started the fest, we thought it would be a yearly festival. However, since there has been so much support in both artists and audience, we do the festival seasonally. It's a festival of stories, and is a heck of a time.

ALL AGES (some f* bombs and sexual innuendo). DOORS OPEN AT 6:00.

For more information about becoming involved, check out the website.

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Summer 10 Minute Play Festival


In the Summer 10MPF you'll experience a noir tale about a 1950s married couple and their trusty paperboy, a boss teaching her employee the best way to fly fish, a new take on a Midsummer Night's Dream that occurs on a park bench, one mom's attempt to keep her troubled son enrolled in summer camp, two sisters lost at Burning Man, a friendly lemonade stand turns into a cut throat neighborhood competition, two camp counselors daring for intimacy with a killer on the loose, a desperate mother and her bratty daughter interrupt a relaxing summer day, and a couple campers run into a bummed out Smokey the Bear and try to reignite his passion.