Today at The Clinton: Monday, Sep 16

The Suffering & Celebration of Life in America

The Suffering & Celebration of Life in America


Shane and Amy Bugbee present an informative, edgy, and entertaining look at the fabric of America. Their book and movie reside in a class well above the typical travel tale. This is not a week hiking in the Himalayas or a group tour of Italy--this is a journey few can or will take.

• Learn how to survive and thrive for a year on the road, starting with only $180 in your pocket.

• Find out the secrets to controlling your own destiny.

• Hear stories of staying with strangers you’ve met on craigslist while trading your wife/husband for a meal.

• Find out how to spend a year crammed in a car and still like your companions when it’s over.

• Learn the tricks to trick folks into accepting your dog and turtle travel companions!

• Find out how to survive a modern day witch burning.

• Gain new perspectives and become winners at life.

The Suffering & Celebration of Life in America

Shane and Amy Bugbee come from under the underground, from outside the outsiders. They are conceptual artists and social commentators of the highest degree, but not from the ivy league, they are from the trailer park and the factory. Had they gone to the “right” school or come from the “right” zip code their plight and their view would be different. Then again, the stories they acquired never would have been told if anyone else was asking. Shane’s lack of pretense, and the couple’s overall understanding of the lower classes and subcultures allowed them a look inside a world which polished filmmakers and snooty scholars would never be allowed.

This evening be prepared to jump into one of the greatest social studies of America.

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