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7:00pm Teen Witch

Sorceress (1982)

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Weird, unconventional, sometimes truly transgressive, cult films push boundaries of decency and often break cultural taboos. They can be soooooooo bad that they're good, and fucking fun to watch, especially when you're throwing back a cold one with friends.

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Celebrate Pagan May at the Clinton Street Theater! Our theme this month relishes in the long tradition of film using rustic iconography outside the traditional Abrahamic religions for entertainment purposes, often to shock audiences with a hidden look at traditions outside the norm to stoke fears of female sexual empowerment. Ranging from classic comedy to campy exploitation and plenty of experimentalism in between, our slate of May titles is for anyone who enjoys seeing how witchcraft, nature worship, and hellish dedications have been portrayed on the silver screen. Come let this series cast a spell on you.

Sorceress (1982)


Sorceress (1982)
Jack Hill
83 minutes

From legendary producer Roger Corman comes the 1982 laser-powered sword-and-sorcery showdown Sorceress! Evil Wizard Traigon makes a pact with the dark forces to sacrifice his firstborn to anti-god Caligara to gain the highest degree of power, but things get complicated when his wife gives birth to twins. Having knowledge of her husband's plan, she escapes and her daughters grow into beautiful warriors (played by Playboy playmates Leigh and Lynette Harris). After the death of their mother at the hands of Traigon and his army, the twins are blessed with the forces of light and strength, and join forces with Baldar the Viking and Erlik the Barbarian to take down Traigon and avenge their mother's death. To overcome evil, they’ll face everything from an army of ape men to blood-crazed zombies, leading to all-out elemental battle between good and evil! Written by exploitation mastermind Jim Wynorski (Chopping Mall) and directed by legendary cult filmmaker Jack Hill (Foxy Brown).

Restoration courtesy of Shout! Factory and the American Genre Film Archive.

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