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The Broken Planetarium is an inclusive arts collective focused on the creation and support of new works by both professional artists and people who do not necessarily identify as artists. The Broken Planetarium also collaborates and creates a platform for new work to be shared with audiences in the Portland area and beyond. Learn more at



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From the creators of Frankenstein: A Cabaret and Rosa Red, The Broken Planetarium presents Sirens of Coos Bay

Hans Christian Andersen's mermaid tale gets transported to 1990s Coos Bay, Oregon, where a former mermaid navigates a town undone by the spotted owl controversy and the clash of the fishing generation with the new male-dominated grunge music scene. Peppered with the magical, some distortion, ripped t-shirts, the most beautiful plastic castle, Rebekah Stiles's innovative choreography, and playwright Laura Christina Dunn's quirky humor, this play asks, how do we find agency in divisive times even when we have lost both voice and home? 

By Laura Christina Dunn

Music by Craig Lardiere, Kendy Gable, Kyle Huth, Laura Christina Dunn, and Monica Metzler (Forest Veil). 

Choreographed by Rebekah Stiles

Special Admission

$15-25 sliding scale; $20 ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE

Accepting Arts For All at the door.