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SE Uplift presents WE THE PEOPLE Web Series

SE Uplift presents WE THE PEOPLE Web Series


swati ali

Q&As after the first four episodes, the next two episodes, and the final three episodes.

Swati Ali, Concept, Story, Director

Indian born, Portland based film-maker Swati Ali has worked in the film, television and print media for over 10 years in various capacities (director, producer, writer). She was one of the pioneers in the original web content space creating the first ever 'made for internet' sitcom in India in 2007. She has also had one of her short films screened at the International Film Festival of India.

Swati moved to the United States in 2012 and found herself drawn to other immigrants and their stories, stories that were always fun, quirky, thoughtful and sweet. That was when the idea of 'We The People' was born. As an immigrant herself, she believes that this project is important for the times we live in.

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'We The People' is the first of its kind, human and humor focused web series that highlights stories of immigrants to the United States with a focus on the positive, light-hearted and relatable nuances of making a new place their home. Light-hearted, fun and poignant, the 10-episode documentary web series explores themes of language, identity, stereotypes, life changes, loss and many others – challenges that are a part of life for any immigrant in a new land. While the mainstream narrative surrounding immigration can often be politically-charged and a constant source of angst, 'We the People' explores the positively refreshing and unapologetically real aspects of what it means to be a new immigrant in America today. The United States, throughout its history, has benefitted greatly from the arrival of new people who bring with them fresh ideas, energy and ambition. Think Joseph Pulitzer, Einstein, Elon Musk, Hedy Lamarr…But that legacy is in danger today. There is an urgent need for a different, more positive conversation and this series aims to facilitate that. 

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