Today at The Clinton: Tuesday, Jan 18




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From the creators of Frankenstein: A Cabaret, The Broken Planetarium presents a new folk musical in honor of May Day, based on the letters the revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg wrote from prison the year before she was murdered. The play juxtaposes the lives of two women: the revolutionary Luxemburg and the recipient of her letters, Sophie Liebknecht, a housewife and mother. Through the playful banter of these two characters, original folk music, dance, and playwright Laura Christina Dunn's lyric treatment of Luxemburg's life story, the play examines the two women's vastly different scopes of life yet deep friendship, asking the question, how do we remain connected in a world that we want so much to change?

By Laura Christina Dunn

Music by Laura Christina Dunn with "Sunrise/Sunset" by Monica and Ron Metzler

Choreographed by Rebekah Stiles

Special Admission

$15-20 sliding scale. $15 ADVANCE TICKETS HERE.