Psychedelics & The Paranormal



Portland Psychedelic Society hosts regular meetings and meetups in Portland, Oregon to discuss various facets of psychedelics — microdosing, macrodosing, therapeutic use, integration, science, arts, culture, spirituality, and more.

This is a “…find the others” group to connect with like-minded people who understand the value of psychedelics or want to learn more.

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Psychedelics & The Paranormal


april event

Sharon-KumaraSharon Kumara will present a fascinating journey of correlation between psychedelics and the paranormal.

Psychonauts, from traditional shamans to modern-day therapy patients and recreational users, have often reported ESP experiences occurring while in an altered state. 

Parapsychologists, keen to discover whether this altered state of consciousness might prove a reliable way to induce clairvoyance and telepathy, carried out a number of surveys and experimental studies before the 1960s, when such research was brought to an end by the virtual global ban on psychedelics.

However, the restrictions on such research are gradually easing, opening a prospect of the relationship between psi and psychedelics being better understood. (psi-encyclopedia)

Our presenter will share some of her extensive experiences with the paranormal, while sharing her exciting views on the link between psychedelics and the paranormal.

Sharon's passion and career path include her private practice located in the Portland area as a psychic-medium, hypnotherapist and paranormal enthusiast and investigator. Sharon has over 15 years of experience and education in the paranormal and psychic field. Sharon also facilitates various metaphysical workshops in the Portland and Washington areas. 

All events are designed to promote education and harm reduction - no illegal activity will be tolerated. 

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