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Psychedelic Veteran: Telling the Story of Psychedelic Healing



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Psychedelic Veteran: Telling the Story of Psychedelic Healing


ian stout

Ian Stout is a filmmaker based in Portland, Oregon. While serving 15 months in Iraq he survived two roadside bombs, while close friends did not.

After 5 years of intense nightmares, and over 10 years on his own healing journey, he still felt hopeless for all of those still suffering. Watching the results come in from MDMA assisted therapy in MAPS' Phase II trials, showing that 68% of the test subjects no longer had PTSD after their 12-month follow-up, he quickly thought of the healing potential this could bring to so many of his veteran brothers and sisters.

This led him to start work on The Psychedelic Therapist, an upcoming documentary feature about the MDMA assisted therapy work happening right here in Portland, OR. Learn more about the film here:

Join Ian as he tells his personal story and reflects on how each of us in the psychedelic community can create fellowship, understanding and healing with our own unique psychedelic stories.

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