Today at The Clinton: Monday, Jan 27

Project Fest 2019

Project Fest 2019


live music festival august 30

A gathering of Artistic Projects on 8/30 at the Clinton Street Theater for the Clinton Street Theater. 





commodiusCommodius - Commodius, a 4-piece band with a wide range of sounds which some have described as fuzz-funk and psych-rock, hails from Portland, OR. Commodious is defined as "open, spacious, and accommodating.”  As such, Commodius as a band creates a space and atmosphere through the medium of music that fosters an open and accommodating place for freedom of expression.





tenenTenen--Tenen is a rapper from New Orleans currently residing in Corvallis, OR. He is all about being the energy someone needs when they’re feeling down. That's what he believes his music stands for and is sprouting to be.






snake danceSnake Dance - Snake Dance is a musical group based out of Portland, Oregon that formed in August of 2018. Their recent works focus on the struggle for balance between the wonder of existence and the reality of trauma and tragedy. Playing their own blend of rock, jazz, and experimental soul they create a spacious sonic world that is both hopeful and foreboding.





breakfast boys leisure leagueBreakfast Boys Leisure League - Breakfast Boys Leisure League is a collection of friends who make art that they share. It also functions as a live rap act. There are a lot of them. Breakfast for Lunch. Breakfast for Dinner.






pulling it offPulling It Off - Pulling It Off is Pulling It Off. Their Rip Tide grooves and dynamics will make you feel like you've been washed up in the desert one too many times, only for you to just enjoy it, unwind, and be yourself.  You'll Dance along to the Rhythm & Blues of these 4 honest hard-working Dudes of the Future.






mood beachMood Beach - An Electro-Pop project from Portland, OR. First forming in 2015 around the timbre of a TR707, Mood Beach continues to push out synth jams from a far away shore, dipped in rose-tinted waters.






fire nunsFire Nuns - A hobby that became an adventurous, thoughtful, and fearless ongoing musical experiment.  An internationally successful pop group that got sick of the commercial treadmill, and sick of each other.  Now, seventeen years later, it’s all back on— to the delight of the seemingly invisible masses of hardcore fans.  Neither a public nor critic’s favorite, FIRE NUNS continues to fill a much needed void.





sea mossSea Moss - Sea Moss is Zach D'Agostino and Noa Ver, a duo based out of Portland Oregon, specializing in homemade electronics, lopsided dance beats, and analog noise. Their music melds angular grooves with pummeling rhythms and DIY sensibilities. They recently put out their first full length album, Bidet Dreaming, co-released on Feeding Tube Records and Crash Symbols.





fabulous downey brothersThe Fabulous Downey Brothers - Fabulous Downey Brothers are fronted by real life brothers Liam (of So Pitted) and Sean Downey. This Seattle-based band has over 20 different looks and styles, and the band has been morphing through the greater NW music scene for 8 years.






With special DJ Sets by Cam XXX & Soll:


Soll is a Portland-based producer and colorful electronic-music composer who got his start in 2015. He takes a playful and relaxed approach to his electronic production; a heavy percussive drive, head-bopping kinetic Nintendo 64 samples, and moody-textured synths that bring you to a vibrant soundscape. Chill out with Soll on his new and debut EP "Loading".


With a vintage 2-turntable setup, this cosmic cowboy delivers the goods. Whether it’s a projection of ethereal, spacy noises, or a manifestation of downright dirty vinyl beats, any CAM XXX set is sure to be full of moments that appeal to fans of any genre.

Special Admission

$9 in ADVANCE; $12 at the door.