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Portland Storytellers' Guild presents Tales of Unintended Consequences

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Stories are how we make meaning of our lives and our world. They make us laugh, think–and teach us how to be human. When the pace of change accelerates absurdly and our definition of “community” seems to change with every headline, stories can ground us and help us remember who we are.

The Portland Storytellers’ Guild preserves the ancient tradition of oral storytelling in the modern world by creating a space where teller and listener sit down and together, recreate the stories of our common humanity. Like all living things, stories come to life when they are nurtured by being told, heard and savored.

For 25 years, the Portland Storytellers’ Guild has been introducing people of the Pacific Northwest to the joy and power of stories in person, face to face. Old stories that may have been committed to print long ago breathe and move and sing again. New stories find their way from our lives into our tales. It is said that to be human is to have a story to tell. That is what the Portland Storytellers’ Guild is all about.

We invite you experience this magic at one of our monthly performances, now at the Historic Clinton Street Theater!

Portland Storytellers' Guild presents Tales of Unintended Consequences


PSG - Sept 2019 concert

Even the best of intentions can lead to unintended consequences.

That is the scenario three storytellers will examine when the Portland Storytellers Guild opens its 2019-2020 Saturday evening, September 7 at the Clinton Street Theater.

Hear how Steve Henegar, Ken Iverson, Juliana Person react when they find themselves out on a limb, once again, when things don’t turn out exactly as planned — and reflect on times when you, too, confronted such a situation. Tickets are $12 in advance ($10 for Guild members and their guests) and $15 the night of the show when doors open at 7 and the stories start toflow at 7:30.

It promises to be a festive start to the 35th season for Portland’s oldest and most revered storytelling group with giveaways and even the chance for audience involvement since one volunteer will be chosen to tell a five-minute story after intermission.

PSG September Performers

HenA 25-year veteran performer and workshop leader, Steven Henegar calls up the everyday and the fantastic to discover feelings and experiences that connect us all, blending the easy conversation of his family’s storytelling with incisive imagery shaped by a decade in the theater as an actor, writer and director. ‘Truth and lies,” he says, “mined from a long life looking around.”   



kenYou might call Ken Iverson an accidental storyteller. He attended a show and loved it. Later, he told a story and loved that too — so much so that he helped found the Portland Storytellers Guild 35 years ago. Now he performs about 100 times a year and says he is still surprised by where ‘story’ leads him. More info at




julJuliana Person is the opening night newbie. Chosen as the audience teller at a Guild show two years ago, she brought down the house and was instantly hooked.  She has enjoying putting greater focus on stories in her life ever since. A winery lab supervisor and cancer survivor with a passion for travel, she has collected a fair few stories over the years. 

Special Admission

ADVANCE--$10 Guild Members, $12 General Public

All tickets $15 at the door.