Portland Psychedelic Society presents Psychedelic Neuroscience



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Portland Psychedelic Society presents Psychedelic Neuroscience


A review of current research on microdosing and treatments for substance use disorders, depression, and PTSD.

Aaron Eisen
Psychedelic Neuroscience

How can microdosing alter our creative and cognitive abilities?

How can two doses of psilocybin help patients with treatment resistant depression (with an average span of 20 years) obtain full remission in less than 3 weeks?

Why is MDMA therapy showing an 83% level of efficacy in treating PTSD while current treatments, at most, show only a 25% level of efficacy?

How can ayahuasca regulate dopamine levels for people living with substance use disorders?

What are the dangers and challenges associated with psychedelic use in a recreational or therapeutic environment?

How can one become a legitimate (legal) psychedelic researcher or clinician? 

All of these questions will be answered on Tuesday by Aaron Eisen at the famous Clinton Street Theater!!!! “

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