Today at The Clinton: Monday, Feb 18

Portland Premiere of Indie Thriller DEAD NIGHT

Portland Premiere of Indie Thriller DEAD NIGHT



The movie oozes eerie atmosphere and sinks its teeth into you.

Mike McGranaghan, Aisle Seat

dead night movie poster
Brad Baruh
United States
83 minutes

The film takes a unique point of view in that we're given televised reports of a horrific crime occurring at a remote cabin in the mountains before we witness it unfold: the murder concerns a family who vacations at said cabin in the hopes of taking advantage of the land's purported curative powers to heal cancer-suffering father James (AJ Bowen). While there, they find a woman (Barbara Crampton) unconscious outside in the snow, and take her in to revive her. Upon the woman's recovery, they discover she's a well-known politician, but her behavior becomes increasingly disturbing and leads the family to discover that sinister forces are at work in the seemingly idyllic landscape outside their window. As the night unfolds, we witness just how and why the massacre took place, and the otherworldly entities orchestrating it.

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$5-8 suggested donation at the door; $5 in ADVANCE.