Today at The Clinton: Monday, Sep 16

Portland Film Community Table Read

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A monthly celebration of Portland films and the artists making them.

Might include script reading, rough cut screenings, Q&As with directors, and much, much more. Portland filmmaking community, this night is about YOU!

Come mix & mingle and get to know your filmmaking community!

Portland Film Community Table Read



A live public on-stage full cast reading of a feature film script

Find out how they did it in Hollywood at the Hudson Theatre.

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PDX TableRead

On Stage - Open to the public.

GENRE: Prison Escape/Thriller 
SCREENWRITER: Christopher Baier

LOGLINE: When their escape plan goes awry, two convicts and their pregnant accomplice must traverse the deep forest to evade law enforcement… and gain their freedom.

(FILLED) JANEANE - READER: Marissa Merrill
Her husband is in prison for a crime she committed with him. She hasn’t moved on and is now alone and desperate. When her husband approaches her with a plan to break out and start a new life, she convinces herself this is her only way out. While she starts afraid, she draws on an inner resolve and grit she never knew she had.

(FILLED) RANDLE - READER: Brian Sutherland
He isn’t a bad guy, he just fucked up a lot when he was younger – or so he says. The mastermind of the escape, Randle looks to ditch his accomplices at first chance. He believes in second chances – if only for himself. And he’s willing to do anything it takes to win that second chance.

(FILLED) LAVOY (30s) READER: Alan Burrell
After a singular act of bravery, he’s recruited by a local militia. LaVoy seeks only respect and a place & role in the world. As an overweight 30-something who lives with his grandmother, he feels like he’s got nothing to lose.

NATE (30s) READER - CL Dahlstrom
Janeane’s husband who is new to prison – and knows he can’t stay. He needs to convince Janeane to help as a getaway driver. Because while he’s new, if he can get wheels, he gets a ticket out.

DEX (30s) READER - Morgan Lee
He isn’t a career criminal… he’s a career inmate. He’s dangerous and he relishes that power. He’s also spent more time in jail than out. Now, without any care of repercussions, he’s out to enjoy the adventure and see what may come. His only fear – that they find freedom and he has to establish a life for himself on his own terms.

MEL (40s, MAN/WOMAN) READER - Dan Kyle
The leader of a local militia, Mel believes in the rule of power, the loyalty to a militia, and a devotion to himself. He never doubts himself and believes his militia is ready for prime-time.

THE MILITIA MEN (GORK, PSYCHO, ASIAN, TACO) (30s-40s) READERS - Laura Welsh, Amber Bogdewiecz
As veterans, they expected to come home as heroes. Instead, they came back as scum and as backwoods fodder for jokes. When the authorities deny their offer of help in the manhunt, the militia decides to enforce their version of local justice.

MAGGIE (50-60's)
LaVoy’s grandmother whose disappointment with her grandson is evident. She puts up with him because he’s family, but she sees him for what he is: not much.

A victim of Nate & Janeane’s crime, he can’t stand letting Janeane walk free. With nothing to lose and no limits on what he’ll do, he’s a dangerous element out for one thing: revenge.

Professional and diligent, they also tire of the Militia's constant gamesmanship and leanings toward a sovereign state mentality.

Special Admission

Free....donations gladly accepted to help offset the cost of using the space.