Portland Film Community Night

Portland Film Community Night


Sunday, Aug 26
Sunday, Sep 16
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A monthly celebration of Portland films and the artists making them.

Might include script reading, rough cut screenings, Q&As with directors, and much, much more. Portland filmmaking community, this night is about YOU!

Join the Facebook event. Come mix & mingle and get to know your filmmaking community!

August Info

This month the Portland Film Community is coming together for a Short Films screening & Conversations with feature filmmakers about their newest films.

48 hour film Festival:
- The First Pitch (Directed by Taylor Siolka & Michael Taylor
- Chateau de Solitaire (Directed by Domenic Barbero

Short Films:
- Mystery in the Keys (Directed by Simon King
- Techs: Show Blacks (Directed by Timothy Blackton 
- Marjorie (Directed by Kalimah Abioto

Q & A with feature filmmakers about their new works:

Jon Garcia - "Sex Weather" 
(interviewer - Jeff Scott Taylor)

Aaron Gregory Austin - "Millionaire Man" 
(interviewer - Kristina Haddad)

Travis Brown & Mandy Stockholm - "All Too Human" (interviewer - Mark Andres)

Don't miss it!

Special Admission

Free and open to the public. Donations of any amount gratefully accepted to keep the theater running and to cover staffing costs.