Portland Film Community Night

Portland Film Community Night


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A monthly celebration of Portland films and the artists making them.

Might include script reading, rough cut screenings, Q&As with directors, and much, much more. Portland filmmaking community, this night is about YOU!

little sister movie poster
June 24th Portland Film Community Night

6:15pm - Pick of the month montage 
Lots of never before scenes and fresh faces as well as one or two legendary folks.

Greg James, Brian Sutherland, Miah Washburn, Stefanie Vermillion, Juliet Prosser, Kenneth Luba, Mandy Stockholm, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Carrie Strahle, Jeremiah L Scott, Jeffrey Arrington, Dan Kyle, Kristina Haddad, Jerry Bell Jr, Airisa Durand, Amber Stonebraker, Marissa Merrill, Tommy Hestmark, Gabe Twigg, JOhn Branch, Emery John Frazier, Seth Whelden, Daniel Smith, Eric Goldstein, Cecily Crow, Mia Bird, Chris Wilson, Ithica M. Tell, Bob Wadden, Lindsae Klein, Shannon Day, Martin Vavra, Tehben Dean, Daniel Timothy Treacy, Brooke Totman, Patrick D. Green, Jon Garcia, Jason Rosenblatt, John Neff and many others...

7:30pm - The feature film "Little Sister" approximate run-time 80 minuntes

Jackie DelaCroix, A street wise woman from the wrong side of town, finds herself in the middle of a deadly struggle while hunting for her sisters murderer. Now she is on the run from a vicious gangster and a corrupt D.A. who both want her dead.

Story by Jeff Scott Taylor & Donna Lambert
Written by Jeff Scott Taylor
Director of photography John Stanford Anderson

Special Admission

Free and open to the public. Donations of any amount gratefully accepted to keep the theater running and to cover staffing costs.