The Portland Circuit - A Local Film Distribution Project

The Portland Circuit - A Local Film Distribution Project



The Portland Circuit, a collaboration between the #OregonMade Creative Foundation, the Northwest Film Center, the Hollywood Theatre, the Clinton St. Theater, and Cinema 21, has been created to provide a local theatrical run for locally produced feature films. This initial pilot program will select feature-length films and allow them to have a paying audience screening in four of the most dynamically programmed theaters in Portland.

These “theatrical runs” will consist of a four day, theatrical screening in each of the participating theaters (each on separate days). The first run will be held in October 2018 and then a second run of a different, still-to-be-named feature film will follow in February 2019.

We are pleased to announce that the sixth feature film from director Jon Garcia, “Sex Weather,” has been selected as the inaugural Portland Circuit project.

Director Jon Garcia and crew members will be in attendance for a question and answer following all of the screenings.

The film will be distributed by Breaking Glass Pictures in November.

Doors at 6:30pm. Purchase tickets in advance.

sex weather movie poster
Jon Garcia
United States

The morning after the premiere of his new film, a sleepy-eyed Darrel, played by Al’Jaleel McGhee, wakes to find himself in bed with his crew member Syndey, played by Amber Stonebraker . As they begin to discuss the previous evening and tepid reviews of the film, emotions give rise to a passionate and thoughtful relationship that once could have been if either had taken the chance. 

Filmed almost entirely in a small studio bedroom, actors McGhee and Stonebraker give stand out performances that guide the audience through tumultuous regrets and hopeful futures, while trying not to step on a fake lava floor.

Special Admission

$9 at the door or in advance.