Personal Divination: Experimental Shorts

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Underground films are borne out of love, not out of a desire for fame or to have an impact on popular culture. The Portland Underground Film Festival (PUFF) has, at its core, the mission to pay tribute to those films and videos that challenge commonly held attitudes toward technique, content, and form. Our intent is to honor those films that excel in pushing the boundaries of the cinematic arts to create a new audio-visual language.

Personal Divination: Experimental Shorts


Green Chair still

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.

Maya Angelou

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Even in paradise it is not good to be alone_4
Personal Divination


Director Alex Wakefield

This is a experimental/abstract short film to show awareness on depression. 


Director Kevin Pontuti

VANITÀ is the third installment in our Poetry of Penance project, which uses magical realism to explore themes related to resilience and self-acceptance. VANITÀ was partly inspired by the historical tradition of Vanitas painting. The film explores topics related to obsessive compulsive behavior, notions of self-image, and destructive behaviors relating to vanity.


Director Leonardo Guardianelli

One girl live in dark invisible storms. Her eyes are the door to a memory hiding place, where one unsolved mystery shows on loop.

Top Ten Memories of the Green Chair

Director Anna Weltner

In this filmic poem, an autistic woman remembers her father through one of his objects.

Refuge for a Mute

Director Anna Ecco

An Experimental / Art film

Underpinning/ Overflowing

Director Hannah I Walsh

Two distinct personalities are represented by pairs of hands that interact with the ritual objects on the table before them. The channel on the left is a negating personality, who is skeptical to the point of destructiveness, and is bent on sabotaging the other with cruel words and by sticking needles into a doll. The channel on the right is a creative personality, who struggles to remain productive despite the influence of the Other.

Zmena - Medzi Dvoma Svetmi (Change - Between Two Worlds)

Director Eva Pekarova

Autumn is approaching and an immigrant family finds their connection to nature lightens the burden of change. This is a short experimental film which explores our intrinsic connection to nature, traditions through time, and the displacement of peoples. Through scenes of an immigrant family living in BC, Canada - the portrait of a deep appreciation for our earth is painted with meditative and provocative shots. These shots are narrated over by the filmmaker in her first language; Slovak.

Even in paradise it is not good to be alone

Director Lorenzo Gattorna

In memory of Nonno Pierino

Yōng lǎn

Director Vincent GUILBERT


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