OSIFF presents Shorts Program I: Contemplation

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The Oregon State International Film Festival was founded by film enthusiasts teaching international cinemas at Oregon State University. They accept submissions of interesting and unique films in all formats and languages. 


OSIFF presents Shorts Program I: Contemplation


SHORTS I: Contemplation [9 films, 112 minutes]

I Love What You Said To Me (USA, 2019. Dir. Marilyn Freeman).
The Old Stripper (USA, 2018. Dir. Jack Truman).
Queen of the Castle (Germany, 2016. Dir. Felix Klee).
Happy Birthday (Iraq, 2019). Dir. Layth Daham).
Trap (New Zealand, 2018. Dir. Paul Ames).
Slow Death (Iran, 2019. Dir. Amen Sahraei).
My Beloved Anxiety (Brazil, 2019. Dir. Paulo Ernesto).
Infinite While It Lasts (Brazil, 2019. Dir. Akira Kamiki).
My Theatre (Japan, 2018. Dir. Kazua Ashizawa).

Special Admission

$8 suggested