Today at The Clinton: Monday, Sep 16

OSIFF presents Shorts II: Agitation

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The Oregon State International Film Festival was founded by film enthusiasts teaching international cinemas at Oregon State University. They accept submissions of interesting and unique films in all formats and languages. 


OSIFF presents Shorts II: Agitation


SHORTS II: Agitation [10 films, 106 minutes]

No Fear (Germany, 2019. Dir. Kristina Lipatov).
Pattern Cognition (Germany, 2019. Dir. Thorsten Fleisch). ***Warning: flashing/strobe light effects.***
Rally ON/OFF (Russian Federation, 2019. Dir. Aleksandra Artemava).
The Funeral Dancer (Germany, 2018. Dir. Natalie MacMahon).
Leading Me Straight (USA, 2018. Dir. Burke Heffner and Olgierd Minkiewicz).
It Comes From the Heavens (Cuba, 2018. Dir. Oldren Romero Leyva).
Beyond Her Lens (Czech Republic, 2019. Dir. Tereza Hirsch).
Spizella (Germany/ Turkey, 2019. Dir. Mehmet Tığlı).
Check In (Greece, 2018. Dir. Konstantinos Stragalinos).

Special Admission

$8 suggested