Oregon Independent Film Festival: HOW PING PONG SAVED THE WORLD

Oregon Independent Film Festival: HOW PING PONG SAVED THE WORLD


The Oregon Independent Film Festival exists to discover and showcase the best independent films of the past year (with a curatorial emphasis on documentaries and student films) while promoting the majestic state of Oregon as a travel destination for film lovers.

The Oregon Film Festival features between 50 and 75 films, from over 14 countries, screened over two weeks.

How Ping Pong Saved the World
Ed Mabe
74 minutes

How Ping-Pong Saved the World is a feature length documentary that recounts the events of April 1971 when a US Table Tennis team became the first Americans invited into communist China in more than two decades. For eight days 15 Ping-Pong diplomats captivated the world with their visit behind the Bamboo Curtain and in the process helped reshape world history. Ping-Pong Diplomacy soon became a metaphor for the on-going difficult relations between two ideological opposites on the brink of détente. Their unlikely invitation paved the way for President Richard Nixon's landmark visit to China just eight months later in February of 1972.

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