Once In A Blue Moon: Oddities, Rarities & Anomalies

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Stories are how we make meaning of our lives and our world. They make us laugh, think–and teach us how to be human. When the pace of change accelerates absurdly and our definition of “community” seems to change with every headline, stories can ground us and help us remember who we are.

The Portland Storytellers’ Guild preserves the ancient tradition of oral storytelling in the modern world by creating a space where teller and listener sit down and together, recreate the stories of our common humanity. Like all living things, stories come to life when they are nurtured by being told, heard and savored.

For 25 years, the Portland Storytellers’ Guild has been introducing people of the Pacific Northwest to the joy and power of stories in person, face to face. Old stories that may have been committed to print long ago breathe and move and sing again. New stories find their way from our lives into our tales. It is said that to be human is to have a story to tell. That is what the Portland Storytellers’ Guild is all about.

We invite you experience this magic at one of our monthly performances, now at the Historic Clinton Street Theater!

Once In A Blue Moon: Oddities, Rarities & Anomalies



Once in a blue moon, the expression goes, an event may send us careening off in unanticipated directions. And who better to chart such surprising courses than four of Portland’s best storytellers?

Join Barbara Fankhauser, Mike Goss, Anne-Louise Sterry and John Wylder for “Once in a Blue Moon,” Saturday evening, February 1, at the Clinton Street Theater as they explore the unexpected. How do they change gears? Reframe? Survive? How would you?

One thing we have come to expect from a Portland Storytellers Guild performance— an engrossing and entertaining evening — is surely in the offing.

Doors open at 7 and the show starts at 7:30.

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February 2020 Storytellers

One blue-moon moment for Barb Fankhauser was the day she connected with the Portland Storytellers Guild and found a world of people who shared her love of stories. While she embraces tales from all traditions, it is the great Norse epics of her ancestors, mid-life and elder tales, and personal stories that she loves best — tales that carry the wisdom to guide us through life with wit, grace and insight.

For Mike Goss the moment came when he realized storytelling could the world a better place. Such opportunities that have appeared many times in his life, including traffic court, where he convinced the judge to take $100 off a speeding ticket, and in leadership roles when Mike used stories to paint the big picture that his team embraced.

As a storyteller, songwriter and performing artist. Anne-Louise Sterry is always on the lookout for the excitement of totally unexpected events, especially when they provoke laughter and delight she can share through music and stories. Unfailingly positive and empowering, Anne-Louise never fails to bring energy and authenticity to her audiences worldwide.

While he enjoys a sense of order and certainty, John Wylder is always ready to take a leap into the unknown — like the day his instructor in a class on writing memoir said, “You should try storytelling instead of story writing.” The rest, as they say, is history. John tells personal stories of life, love and family with a sense of warmth and humor.

Special Admission

Tickets are $15 online ($12 for members), and $20 the night of the show.