OIFF presents Waldgeist


The Oregon Independent Film Festival (OIFF) is bringing its collection of new independent films again this year from September 22nd through 24th, 2017 to Portland and other cities across Oregon.

With festival screenings and events in Portland at The Clinton Street Theater and at the Bijou and Metro cinemas in Eugene, with more surprise screening stops to be announced.

The Oregon Independent Film Festival features over 70 films from 11 countries, screened over two weeks in independent cinemas across the great state of Oregon, USA.

OIFF presents Waldgeist


Brad Burke
United States

In Waldgeist, the Oregon Independent Film Festival's Award Winner for Best Horror Feature Film, the spirits of murdered children awaken after a murderers favorite toy (his polaroid camera), is stolen from a police evidence locker. The spirits haunt whoever's hands this camera falls into.

David Grey, the original detective on the children's murder case, works to solve this previously closed case, after the Polaroid camera, ends up in the hands of his own daughter and her friends. Will he be able to stop the haunting before its too late?

Special Admission

$12; purchase in ADVANCE HERE.