OIFF presents PROGRAM 23A


The Oregon Independent Film Festival (OIFF) is bringing its collection of new independent films again this year from September 22nd through 24th, 2017 to Portland and other cities across Oregon.

With festival screenings and events in Portland at The Clinton Street Theater and at the Bijou and Metro cinemas in Eugene, with more surprise screening stops to be announced.

The Oregon Independent Film Festival features over 70 films from 11 countries, screened over two weeks in independent cinemas across the great state of Oregon, USA.

OIFF presents PROGRAM 23A



thisplaceThis Place Called Nuka: Courting Adventure in Wild Alaska

Dir: Dave Weich

Jeff and Angela wanted to have a camping trip that never ended, and to see if they could live off the land. So they dropped out of college to attend the "school of life." They hired a boat captain to ferry them—along with kayaks, snowboards and 30,000 pounds of building materials—to a patch of spectacular wilderness tucked between a glacier and the Gulf of Alaska, seventy miles from the nearest outpost.

The Environmental Documentary "This Place Called Nuka: Courting Adventure in Wild Alaska" brings their story to life.

timetofadeTime To Fade

Dir: Carlos N. Cerutti

"Time To Fade" is a fantasy short film about an imaginary friend, trying to say goodbye to the kid that she takes care of, …in the last night that they will ever see each other.

The film explores a small moment of realization between a kid turning 11 and a "grown up" trying to bring up bad news, and informed by the ideas of being afraid of change and new times to come.

dearfutureDear Future Self

Dir: Ray Nomoto Robison

In this dramatic film, a message from the past brings discovery of the present.

A woman finds a time capsule which contains a recording she made over 50 years earlier. She finds reminders of who she was back then and in a symbolic gesture, she records a message to her past.

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