Today at The Clinton: Wednesday, Feb 19

OIFF presents PEOPLE


The 8th Annual Oregon Independent Film Festival© returns to showcase the best in independent cinema to our magnificent state of Oregon.

Dedicated to discovering the greatest new filmmakers, the Oregon Independent Film Festival searches the globe to find the most innovative and engaging movies of the year, to screen the best new work, alongside hollywood premieres, together in the legendary cinema houses of the pacific northwest, as part of our mission to promote the majestic state of Oregon as a global film tourism destination.

The Oregon Independent Film Festival is an event not-to-be-missed.

The Oregon Independent Film Festival features over 70 films from 11 countries, screened over two weeks in independent cinemas across the great state of Oregon, USA.

OIFF presents PEOPLE


Stuart Eagon
United States

The homeless crisis' has become nightly news across America. Yet, why is 'homeless' continually a dehumanizing term for our friends, who face unique challenges every day while living outdoors?

The film 'People' takes a moment to meditate on the voices of those who live on the ground level, under the bridges and buildings in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Filmed on Super 16mm.

Special Admission