The Oregon Independent Film Festival (OIFF) is bringing its collection of new independent films again this year from September 22nd through 24th, 2017 to Portland and other cities across Oregon.

With festival screenings and events in Portland at The Clinton Street Theater and at the Bijou and Metro cinemas in Eugene, with more surprise screening stops to be announced.

The Oregon Independent Film Festival features over 70 films from 11 countries, screened over two weeks in independent cinemas across the great state of Oregon, USA.




toooldToo OLD to die YOUNG

Dir: Clark Slater

A short documentary about a well-known behind-the-scenes player in hip-hop, who recently sold an extensive collection of hip-hop-oriented photos to the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture.

He may be old but he's just getting started.

Directed by Clark Slater, the film takes us on a day with Bill Adler; hunting to save 'various shiny objects from the scrapheap of history,' and exploring the one hobby that unites all his passions; collecting.


Dir: Jan Haaken

This documentary follows the daily lives of doctors, nurses and medical assistants in Kenya as they work within the liberalized constitution to provide post-abortion care and other reproductive health services for women.

While providers have more legal room to care for women than in the past, reforms in the law continue to put women at risk for medical problems and death from unsafe abortions. Their stories reveal how the larger medical community depends on these providers, even as the work involves navigating tense cultural issues and gray areas of the law.

theseparationThe Separation Myth

Dir: Nisha Burton

The Separation Myth examines the history of exclusion in Oregon. It tracks how in the constitution and inception of Oregon, ideas and laws were set in place to keep people of color from settling in here. This history is little known and often times people think it is just a coincidence that Oregon’s population is largely white.

Originally founded as a "white utopia" we examine how this affects people of color to this day and what can be done to bring healing to this legacy of separation.

hardcorewrestlingHardcore Wrestling Alliance

Dir: Dorian Warneck

The Hardcore Wrestling Alliance has been running for over 10 years in a deep southeast Portland neighborhood. This documentary short takes a look behind the curtain at the motivations and importance of these shows to the wrestlers who put them on.


thestolenThe Stolen Goodbye

Dir: Allie Raye

This documentary film chronicles the last few months of Stanley Talmud's life.

His work at the NSA required a strong brain and good memory, but, shortly after retirement, he showed signs of Dementia. In 2016, Stanley suffered a severe brain trauma from a fall. Almost simultaneously, Paula, his wife of 42 years, suffered an infection which put her in ICU isolation, in the same hospital. They hadn’t touched in a month. The nurses took Stanley to her room so they could have one last moment together. He is a true testament that even though dementia takes your memory, sometimes it doesn't affect love.

thekentonThe Kenton Lead Blob*

Dir: Zach Putnam & Richard Percy

This documentary follows Zach, who saw a news article that suggested he was living in a hotspot of lead pollution, and spurred him to action. Connecting with his neighbors through social media, a community-led investigation began, with hopes of getting to the bottom of any causes and health risks that could be affecting them and their families. The surprising answers they found only raised more questions.


ipaintI Paint, I Protest: Mary Perry Stone

Dir: Ramie Streng

'Why don't you just paint pretty pictures?' a woman once asked the artist Mary PerryStone.

But Mary felt she could not stand by without protesting the events of her times. This film focuses on Mary’s protest work during the Sixties and Seventies. At that time,Mary lived on what later became George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch in northern California. In an old bunkhouse, she painted murals and paintings that reflected her reactions to the civil rights struggles and the Vietnam war. This documentary film follows her adventure and her art.

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