My Real Portland February 20th

my real portland


From the Director, Joseph Lyons:

My real portland is an idea that formed while I was creating my first video about my grandma willards' Albina area apartment in 1942. It's the idea that we all have a real portland, our own experience, and wouldn't it be great to get to hear other people's real portland.

my real portland the big stageMy real portland - the podcast! is now on "THE BIG STAGE" of the Clinton Street Theater, a monthly live variety comedy storytelling interview game musical talk show.

Everyone is welcome!

My Real Portland February 20th


Feb 20

This month are two big guests will be Comedian Quinne Salameh and Hawthorne Ghost Tour owner Marina Martinez.

Plus, we’ll have regulars D Martin Austin and The Reformers back as well.

Stay tuned for more guest announcements!!

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