Today at The Clinton: Friday, Sep 24

My French Film Festival: J'enrage de son absence

My French Film Festival: J'enrage de son absence


SpectiCast, in association with UniFrance, is proud to present MyFrenchFilmFestival for the first time to big screens worldwide. At the Clinton Street Theater the festival includes six specially selected feature films from some of the world's best directors, and featuring some of the industry's rising and accomplished stars. Each evening of the three day festival will include one comedy and one drama.

J'enrage de son absence
Sandrine Bonnaire
France | Belgium
98 minutes

Touched to the depths of his being by the death of his child in a car accident nine years earlier, Jacques has lost his bearings. For this loss is all the more difficult to stand as Jacques was driving the car in which his son was killed. His relationship did not survive the tragedy and Jacques left, traveling far from the place where his and his wife's happiness was shattered. Now Jacques is back in France for the funeral of his father. In the meantime his wife has started a new life and has a new child.

Special Admission

$5 single screening; $8 one-night double feature; $20 for all three nights.