Montana Fly Fishing Film Festival

Montana Fly Fishing Film Festival



The Montana Fishing Film Festival is a film event highlighting the great state of Montana and this year's tour also highlights the filmmakers and fishing opportunities in OR, MI, WY, AK, and CO.

In its 7th year of existence, this grassroots annual community event is poised for the best showcase of Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing Films ever offered! Doors 7 Show 8. Bring your friends, kids, parents, or friends' kids' parents, which I guess would just be your friends. You get the point. We can't wait to share the evening of Saturday, March 21st with all of you!

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Montana Fly Fishing Festival

The MONTANA FISHING FILM FESTIVAL highlights backyard fly fishing across Montana, the Rockies, the PNW, and Alaska. Catch the Portland show at the Clinton Street Theater, only one of the stops along the SEVEN state tour! 

Special Admission