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Monkey With A Hat On Presents MY AMERICANA

Monkey With A Hat On Presents MY AMERICANA


Sunday, Jun 30

Monkey With a Hat On is dedicated to providing contemporary, relevant, inexpensive theater pieces geared towards, but not exclusively for the younger generations. It’s surprising that some, but not all theater has become some sort of upper class soiree club where people buy tickets for $8,000 to see wealthy people stories. This is bullshit.

Theater is for all of us, and it should be relevant to our lives. Theater is the oldest human art form. Theater is people getting together to share a series of moments, sharing the same experience, and providing a psychic medium where thoughts, emotions, and human histories are exchanged in real time.

It is the duty of Monkey With a Hat On to provide pertinent, entertaining, and thought provoking theater for five bucks to the wonderful people of Portland, OR. There are many productions on the horizon, and plenty of room on the boat for everyone willing – man, woman, or monkey.


Come join Ollie for a night of honest entertainment, in the 5th installment of My Americana.  Performed every two years since 2011, My Americana is an experimental performance piece with a single stage performer accompanied with a live musician and overhead projections. Each time the show is performed, there are additional stories and content, and featuring a new musician. 

My Americana is the story of life in Portland, OR. Baseball. TV. Sleep. Dreams. Death. Pancakes. Money. Happiness. Drugs. The American Dream. Florida. Running.

Written and directed by Ollie Collins

Doors at 7pm; curtain at 8.

Special Admission