Meow Mix: Short Music Videos

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Underground films are borne out of love, not out of a desire for fame or to have an impact on popular culture. The Portland Underground Film Festival (PUFF) has, at its core, the mission to pay tribute to those films and videos that challenge commonly held attitudes toward technique, content, and form. Our intent is to honor those films that excel in pushing the boundaries of the cinematic arts to create a new audio-visual language.

Meow Mix: Short Music Videos



There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.

Albert Schweitzer

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Meow Mix: Short Music Videos

Riverpool - HiLo

Director Nate Haight

This is the music video for the song HiLo by Seattle band, Riverpool. The essence of the video explores the highs and lows of our country's past and present with an emphasis on the idea that we can, and need to, do better.


Director Don Boles

The Alien says to the Sexbot “I want to trade places” and see what human sexuality is all about. The Sexbot is programmed to list the purported advantages of sex without emotional  ties. “All attachments are included” she sings.


Director s/n (Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts)

This is a music video with music by Quilla (Anna Luisa Daigneault), it was directed and produced by s/n (Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts), in conjunction with the Media Studies Department at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Edited by Jennida Chase and Jamira Adams. Choreography by Esha Hickson, dancers include Esha Hickson, Nayirah Harris, and Devin Simone. Wardrobe Design and Styling by Ann Tilley. Cinematography by Hassan Pitts, Steven Baggett, and Mitchell Townsend. Assistant Director Arielle Smallwood. Make-up by Melissa Grier. Production Assistant Zariyah Tate.

You Only Lived Once

Director Maria Moreno & Omar Mora

Take a psychedelic journey through Miami (and the universe) with Wilkes Oswald. 


Director Monica Panzarino

In this video, Panzarino performs Barbra Streisand’s version of “Memory”, the signature show tune from the musical “Cats.” Panzarino’s voice is processed by “The Nipulator 2.0”, a custom-built, wireless electronic bra created by the artist that uses hardware potentiometers (or knobs), a hacked DJ Hero microcontroller, and a Max/MSP software patch.  The left "nipple" of the bra manipulates the frequency of her voice in real-time, while the right "nipple" adds reverb. In the background, we see VHS footage shot by Panzarino from the World Trade Center observation deck in October 2000.

Satan Oscillate Metallic Sonatas

Director Nick Green

Satan Oscillate Metallic Sonatas is an ongoing experiment in combining sequential art and rock music. The band Anarchrist is playing their last show, Lucifer themselves seems keenly interested. Horror comix and lowfi rock smashed together to tell a tale. 


Director Dia Jenet

A troubled daydreamer tries to drown out an oppressive reality when an explosive presence resurfaces.

Potion: Dark Matter

Director Annie Maley

The Exoplanet Travel Bureau, your premiere space travel agency, offers package tours of our galaxy and beyond. Last season, the crème de la crème went geyser-gazing on Enceladus. So what’s in store for this season? We’re offering the ultimate staycation. Stick around your own solar system with tour packages to Mars, Jupiter, and a sweeping tour of all four outer planets. One lucky winner will receive a free trip so save your spot today!

Hey You

Director Pete Petrisko

Music video for song "Hey You", filmed on location at Mesa Arts Center, it includes the public art of Amanda Parer, El Mac, and William Barnhart.

RPM Orchestra is a proto-Industrial Americana music quintet based in Phoenix AZ (USA).

HEY YOU (lyrics)

Did you know
Hey you this song is not about you
Don’t ya know ya know this song is not for you
Did she get a list of all she can and can’t do
Did she get a list of names she can’t say
Say run, run


Director Katie Kapuza

Hunks is an animated reaction to bullish male stereotypes in rock culture. When asked to create a short for a rock group, the filmmakers thought about the grueling institution of male posturing in the rock world and how difficult and demeaning it can be to insist that men live up to the macho, scumbag ideal of rock music culture. The animation is hand drawn, scanned and printed as puppets, then captured and animated under the camera, then finished and edited digitally.


Director Richard Reeves

Inspirational mark making to music as a visual representation of sounds.
Exploring the relationship between sound and picture, this film is inspired by the two lights (twi-light) found inside of film projectors.

Experimental animation created by drawing both sound and picture directly onto 35mm film.

State of Being

Director Gates Callanan

A music video that blends animation, live action, texture, and light to create new and unusual spaces.


Director Ben Popp

An animated music video for Portland kid's musician The Pointed Man Band and the song GO.

Open Sesame

Director Miguel Jara

Ali Baba is invited to a new one.night adventure at ancient Baghdad Wisdom´s House, a different treasure cave where he is welcomed by wise people how share with him very important knowledges and experiences.  

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