Mei Mei’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

Mei Mei’s 25th Anniversary Celebration


A cross-cultural tale of a mother and daughter separated by language and culture, yet bound together for life.

Recent reviews of “Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song”

“This piece leaves standard storytelling practices in the dust. Dmae’s production values are topnotch” -- Salt Institute

“This is possibly the best audio work that has ever been recorded.” -- Public Radio Exchange

Mei Mei will be shown with a 10-minute short: Finding Home by Tammy Howard, a U.S. film about a daughter learning of her mother’s painful memories as a Korean War survivor.

Director: Dmae Roberts, Editor: Tammy Howard, Director of Photography: Grant Abbett, distributed by MediaRites.
Funders: Regional Arts and Culture Council, Ronni Lacroute of Willakenzie Estate and Indiegogo supporters.


Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song
Dmae Roberts,
30 minutes

With the 1989 Peabody-winning audio documentary as the soundtrack, Dmae Roberts has created a half-hour film documentary of “Mei Mei, A Daughter's Song," the first Taiwanese-American radio documentary on public radio. Mixing live action, animation and archival footage, "Mei Mei" tells the story of Dmae and her mother as they travel to Taiwan together after a long absence. As Chu-Yin Roberts’ story unfolds she reveals the abuse she experienced when she was sold into servitude at the age of two and her hardship growing up during World War Two. She also talks about the female Buddha who saved her life. It soon becomes clear the tensions they experienced with each other had to do with not only the always-complicated mother/daughter relationship, but also the fact they were of different cultures yet intrinsically tied together because they were family. This is the 25th anniversary of the radio documentary that originally aired on NPR, BBC, CBC and ABC.

Starring: Wynee Hu, Chisao Hata, Elaine Low, Samson Syharath, and Samantha Choy

Special Admission

$10 general admission; $8 for students. Purchase ADVANCE TICKETS HERE.