Local Film Community Showcase

Local Film Community Showcase


Local Film Community Screening Poster

The Clinton Street Theater presents a screening of locally made films. Support the local film community! All proceeds go to the Clinton Street Theater and filmmakers. Films include:

Desperate for cash, Jim, an impecunious college student, takes a job house-sitting over a weekend for strange, borderline creepy Eunice. Without delay, Jim gets to work, even though he's been warned that the eerily vacant house has a mind of its own, only to place himself in harm's way. Now, horrifyingly vivid nightmares start haunting his sleep, and hair-raising supernatural phenomena suggest that there is more to this place than meets the eye. Is the house indeed haunted? Has the Amityville poltergeist come out to feed on fear?

High jinks and shenanigans are abound in this whimsical travel documentary that follows adventurer Elijah Post as he gallivants across Europe on an epic journey of a lifetime.

POT-TORIA (2021)
The debut of the first animated short film from Dead End Toon's Productions!

Special Admission

$6; AVAILABLE at the door or IN ADVANCE