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Stories are how we make meaning of our lives and our world. They make us laugh, think–and teach us how to be human. When the pace of change accelerates absurdly and our definition of “community” seems to change with every headline, stories can ground us and help us remember who we are.

The Portland Storytellers’ Guild preserves the ancient tradition of oral storytelling in the modern world by creating a space where teller and listener sit down and together, recreate the stories of our common humanity. Like all living things, stories come to life when they are nurtured by being told, heard and savored.

For 25 years, the Portland Storytellers’ Guild has been introducing people of the Pacific Northwest to the joy and power of stories in person, face to face. Old stories that may have been committed to print long ago breathe and move and sing again. New stories find their way from our lives into our tales. It is said that to be human is to have a story to tell. That is what the Portland Storytellers’ Guild is all about.

We invite you experience this magic at one of our monthly performances, now at the Historic Clinton Street Theater!

Leap Into The New



Storytellers “Leap Into The New” Jan. 4 at Clinton St. Theater

Have you ever tried something new even if it meant risk a leap into the unknown? Or do you always look before you leap?

Mike Devenney, Kitty Kaping, Kriya Kaping and Anne Penfound count themselves among the risk-takers — and they are ready to tell you about some of their adventures Saturday evening, January 4 at the Clinton Street Theater in “Leap Into the New,” the first Portland Storytellers Guild show of the new year.  They will share true tales of how a jump, a dive into the depths, a passport to a new world and a misstep led to life-altering experiences.

Doors open at 7 and the stories start at 7:30.

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January 2020 Storytellers

Mike Devenney was raised in an Irish Catholic family so by default he is a storyteller. He sees life as the ongoing creation of stories. He starts each New Year by first remembering the stories that have nurtured his heart with love and care. From there he strives to live a story that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Kitty Kaping comes from a family of storytellers. She learned about the power of personal stories from her father, who could captivate a room with stories from the heart, and nurtured her love of storytelling in travels and adventures abroad.  She sets many of her stories to folk ballads she calls story songs and has written and produced two historical musicals. She’s excited to tell a story about leaping into a new world with her daughter Kriya.

Kriya Kaping has a passion for personal narrative and has performed from coast to coast. She uses her love of storytelling as a training and education specialist to support individuals and organizations in sharing the stories that strengthen community ties. Over the years, she might have taken her family motto – “If it doesn’t kill you it makes for a good story” — too much to heart, but luckily has enough adventures to keep her in a wealth of material for years to come.

Anne Penfound believes stories weave magic and bring joy to life. Twenty years ago she began a journey exploring and telling stories. Folktales came first and then, after a few years, personal narrative. Anne’s ability to exaggerate, surprise her audience and laugh at herself opened up a whole new story adventure. As years roll on, more memories have bubbled to the surface, imperfect snippets waiting to be crafted and told. www.annepenfound.com

Special Admission

Tickets are $15 online ($12 for members) and $20 the night of the show.