KBOO Community Radio presents THE THROWAWAYS

KBOO Community Radio presents THE THROWAWAYS


"The Throwaways courageously explores the most pressing racial justice issue of our time: the mass incarceration and racial profiling of poor people of color."

Michelle Alexander author, The New Jim Crow

Co-director Bhawin Suchak will be present after the screening for a Q&A, and a panel forum will lead a discussion with the audience on this issue. JoAnn Hardesty, as a representative of the local NAACP and folks from Don't Shoot Portland are cosponsors of this event and will be on this panel.


Ira McKinley, Bhawin Suchak

The Throwaways is a personal exploration of the devastating impact of police brutality and mass incarceration on the black community told through the eyes of formerly incarcerated activist filmmaker Ira McKinley.  With rawness, urgency and power, the film speaks directly to the national movement rising up to fight back against a wave of police killings of black people in America.   Timely and provocative, The Throwaways is more just than an illumination of marginalized people at their weakest moments; it is a call to action, a story of directly engaging in the fight for justice.

Special Admission

$10 adults; $8 students