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KBOO @ the Clinton presents UNDOCUMENTED

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KBOO @ the Clinton presents UNDOCUMENTED


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Huffington Post - “Inspiring documentary by first-time filmmaker Patricia Shih…  Shih’s debut film presents the quintessential American Dream story of a young family who sacrificed it all for a better life.”

Long Island Press - “Truly inspiring.  Not to be missed.”

Queens World Film Festival - “Intimate personal success story of an immigrant that overcomes many obstacles to ‘fix broken hearts.’ I believe NYC audiences will fall in love with this Colombian born heart surgeon.”

Dances with Films - "Very inspirational, important and timely story, certainly one that is very relevant to today's world and political climate. Given the current political landscape, I think more stories like this need to be told."

San Diego Latino Film Festival - “…a powerful, moving, and unforgettable documentary!”

undocumented movie poster
Patricia Shih
United States
72 minutes

UNDOCUMENTED is a 72-minute documentary about one man’s journey from what was once called “the most dangerous city in the world” - Medellin, Colombia - to Princeton and Harvard Medical School to become one of the top cardiac surgeons in New York State.  As a 13 year-old he and his 11 year-old brother traveled with 10 adult strangers in a tiny wooden boat through the treacherous Bermuda Triangle during hurricane season to join his parents in America, from whom they had been separated for years.  Like many new immigrants, the parents worked long days for meager wages, struggling to save enough to bring their sons here.

It is a frightening, shocking, compelling, and inspiring true story of struggle, loss and danger, ultimately ending in triumph through unfailing love and the indomitable courage of the human spirit.  His is the ultimate American Dream story, and puts a human face on the bitter debate about immigration.  In today’s political climate this story is needed NOW MORE THAN EVER. 


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