Today at The Clinton: Sunday, Apr 5

Jinkx Monsoon presents: Homecoming Queen POSTPONED

Jinkx Monsoon presents: Homecoming Queen POSTPONED


Jinkx Monsoon cut her drag fangs here in Portland before chasing her dreams all around the world. Now, after 14 years away, the PDX native has come home to live here once more. To celebrate, she has curated a sweet little cabaret show to share with you some of her favorite songs and performances, as well as stories from her travels abroad. Drag Race, overnight stardom, and sordid romances-- she'll share it all with you in this intimate evening.

With performances from friends of Monsoon Manor and more merch than you can shake a fistful of crumpled singles at, it will surely be a charming homecoming for this Drag Superstar.

Ages 18+ ... Jinkx has a filthy mouth and is hard pressed to censor herself. You have been warned. 

Doors open at 7pm; show begins at 8pm.


jinkx monsoon
Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon is one of the brightest stars on the drag circuit.

The creation of Jinkx was complicated. “From the movie Death Becomes Her, I was inspired by the crazy extent vain women will go for eternal youth, beauty, and power,” Hoffer explains. “Through Lucille Ball I saw how a woman can bring you to tears with laughter with nothing more than a look. Through the Disney villains I was raised with, I saw how powerful a woman can be, and yet so deliciously evil. And through my mom, I saw not only the trials and tribulations a single mother faces every day, but also the strength and determination a woman can possess when she is trying to provide a bright future for her children.”

The Jinkx Monsoon personality is a manifestation of years of practice, a career endeavor that began when Hoffer was fifteen. “She is definitely a zany, off the wall, irreverent, gorgeous anachronism,” Hoffer adds. “She simply refuses to let her audience sit idol; she is a powerhouse of song and comedy, igniting her audiences in a frenzy of laughter and sexual tension.”

Special Admission


(there is a $2 service fee per ticket)