The Invincible Czars Perform LIVE! Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

The Invincible Czars Perform LIVE! Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde


Yes, he’s Drew Barrymore’s grandfather! Based on the Robert Louis Stevenson novella, this is movie is considered to be the first important American horror film by many.

Dr. Jekyll attempts to use science to separate his good and evil personalities with dire results. This is the Czars created their most understated, minimal soundtrack to match the introspective, philosophical nature and incorporated music by Eric Satie and Claude Debussy.

the invisible czars
The Invincible Czars

The Invincible Czars are a hard-to-classify quintet from Austin, TX.  They're not even always a quintet.  Regarded as Austin's emperors of eclecticism, they make music for thinkers, geeks, nerds and seekers/lovers of all things in the "other" category.  The group brings a curiosity and sense of adventure to each project with a belief that their audience shares a desire to explore a broader gamut of emotions, sounds and styles than is typically found in a single act or in most mainstream entertainment.

The Invincible Czars perform their own blend of riff rock, classical music, lounge-y grooves, spacey klezmer, country shuffles, and circus-y polka in hopes of moving the mind as much as the bee-hind. They draw from a myriad of disparate influences from Tchaikovsky to Zappa, Louis Armstrong to Van Halen, and Buck Owens to Mulatu Astatke, all with the spirit of DIY post-punk groups like NoMeansNo and Fugazi.

Their shows are always entertaining and out of the ordinary.  You can find them performing their own soundtracks to silent films, playing holiday dance parties or rocking their meticulously arranged melodic original tunes in theaters, nightclubs, art spaces, museums, universities, backyards, restaurants, living rooms and street festivals all over.

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
John S. Robertson
United States
79 minutes

Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself.

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