Interstitium: Stories of Illness, Wellness, & Beyond

Interstitium: Stories of Illness, Wellness, & Beyond



“The Interstitium” is a public storytelling event produced by the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative and Dr. Ben Colburn, a local Family Medicine doctor with a passion for stories and community organizing. This show brings together healthcare workers of all kinds and the community members they care for to share their stories on stage and find common ground in the way that medicine has shaped their worldviews.

"The Interstitium" will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you question everything you thought you knew about the doctor's office.

The Interstitium: I HAVE GOOD NEWS

Storytelling theme is "I have good news"

Join the Northwest Narrative Medicine Collaborative for "The Interstitium: Stories of Illness, Wellness, & Beyond," a recurring storytelling event that invites many voices from our community to articulate the ways in which health and illness shape how we live. Whether funny, serious, heartfelt, lyrical, or absurd, our storytellers illuminate hidden moments in health and illness that can bring us together in shared humanity.

This show's theme is "I Have Good News," a performance designed to infuse the holiday season with a sense of wonder and gratitude for all the ways that healthcare can go right.

"The Interstitium" is the brainchild of Ben Colburn (family medicine doctor in training) and NWNMC who seek to unite all who navigate healthcare, through the dynamic intersection of deep telling, deep listening, and sharing complex human experiences.

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