Today at The Clinton: Thursday, Nov 21

10:00am Video Shoot

Indie Horror Feature: DARLIN'

Indie Horror Feature: DARLIN'


Darlin' movie poster
Pollyanna McIntosh
United States
100 minutes

DARLIN' is a sequel to Lucky McKee’s 2011 film The Woman, which saw a horrific subversion of the nuclear family by way of a feral Woman (McIntosh) forcefully indoctrinated into the strict care of a seemingly ‘normal’ family. 

Darlin’ picks up a few years later, where The Woman (McIntosh again) relinquishes her young charge Darlin’ (newcomer Lauryn Canny) to a hospital in order to aid in her unexpected pregnancy, only to later discover that the feral teen has been whisked away by a Bishop (Bryan Batt) seeking to reform her under the tutelage of the church. As Darlin’ is indoctrinated into strict religious care, The Woman goes on a rampage searching for the last remaining member of her clan, and soon the stage is set for a bloody confrontation between patriarchy run afoul and matriarchy run amok.

In her first outing as director, Pollyanna’s already been receiving accolades for her decidedly feminine take on a character she’s embodied for the past 10 years, bringing a subversive sense of humor to the continuing saga of The Woman. 

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