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Home, James

Home, James


"A stirring, emotional, hilarious and — most importantly — honest vision of the complexities and deceptive simplicity of love and the bliss of finding one’s place in the world." - Tony Beaulieu

In the fall of 2007 Julie Gearheard and Jonathan Rossetti began writing the script for Home, James.  After countless drafts and several readings they decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money for production. With a small crew and even smaller budget they drove from Los Angeles to Tulsa to shoot a fundraising trailer for a movie that didn’t yet exist. With no color-correction, sound mixing, or professional editing, but with numerous hours of unpaid labor from friends, they put together a “trailer," and on January 23rd, 2012 launched a Kickstarter fundraiser with that video. 

On March 2nd Julie and Jonathan reached their goal of $50,000 and started work on their first indie feature. Now they are bringing Home, James to this sweet little theater near you. 


Home, James
Jonathan Rossetti
83 minutes

Set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the story follows James, an aspiring local photographer whose recent rejection from a major gallery has left him questioning his talent. While working his unfulfilling day job, he falls for Cooper, a hard drinking Tulsa socialite. James and Cooper are quickly consumed by a whirlwind romance that at first inspires and instills confidence in James but ultimately threatens to derail him. In the end they both must decide whether to pursue their dreams or each other, knowing that it won’t be easy either way.

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