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Great Notion Filmmakers Collective Presents THE BLACK SEA



Great Notion was formed by a collective of award-winning filmmakers out of a desire to construct a mutually beneficial creative support system, a method of cross-promotion, and a distribution platform for their various works.

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Great Notion Filmmakers Collective Presents THE BLACK SEA


5 friends at an Oregon beach house in winter, one of them disappears

the black sea poster
Brian Padian
United States

black sea reviewFive friends arrive at a beach house on the Oregon Coast for a holiday weekend. Allison seems troubled but the other four don’t say a word or intervene, presuming relationship trouble as the cause. “Probably best to give her some space.” They unpack, build a fire, eat dinner, go to bed. And then she is gone.

THE BLACK SEA is a feature film by writer/director Brian Padian. Brian studied filmmaking at Humboldt State University and holds an MFA in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute. After graduating he apprenticed with screenwriter Barbara Turner and later worked at Castle Rock Entertainment. Brian received a 2011 Regional Arts + Culture Council Project Grant for his short film noir The Big Black Dark. He is married to writer Margaret Malone, with whom he is writing a memoir,“The Year of Travel and Good Fortune”. Brian is a founding member of the Portland-based film collective Great Notion. 

shot on Super 16 mm by Scott Ballard
produced by Scott Ballard & Brian Padian

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$5; come at 7pm for WELCOMING DEPARTURE and see both films for $7.

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