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German Film Festival presents MOUNTAIN MIRACLE – AN UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIP (Amelie rennt)


In our Monthly Film Series, we will show a variety of GERMAN or GERMAN language films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the 2nd Wednesday of each month, audiences will now have a chance to see these films on a regular basis at the CLINTON STREET THEATER. (Children movies will be playing on Sunday afternoons – please check our website.) All films are with English subtitles.

German Film Festival presents MOUNTAIN MIRACLE – AN UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIP (Amelie rennt)



About the director:

Tobias Wiemann was born in Greifswald and studied Media Design. Active as a cameraman, editor, director and producer, he produced and directed numerous short films for Howman-Pictures and worked for Til Schweiger’s production company Barefoot Films. His films as a director include: GROSSSTADTKLEIN (2013), VON EINEM, DER AUSZOG, DAS FÜRCHTEN ZU LERNEN (TV, 2014), TOM UND SHERRY (in development, with Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen), and MOUNTAIN MIRACLE – AN UNEXPECTED FRIENDSHIP (AMELIE RENNT, 2017).


Special Mention by Berlinale Generation’s Children Jury: “With great wit and fast-paced dialogue, this film describes the development of an unlikely friendship between two fascinating characters.” • • TIFF Kids Festival 2017 Young People’s Jury Award (ages 11-13) – Honourable Mention • • Golden Slipper – for the Best Feature Film for Children – Zlín Film Festival 2017 • • Goldener Spatz 2017 – Children Jury for Cinema and TV productions: – Best Film & Best Director (Tobias Wiemann) • • Int’l FF for Children and Youth Isfahan: Golden Butterfly for the best youth film & Best film script • • Cinema in Sneakers 2017: ECFA jury award – FILM THE WANDERER for the best feature for children by the Chidlren’s Jury – Audience Award • • Kyoto Int’l Children’s Film Festival 2017: Feature film Grand Prix • • Internationales Filmfestival SCHLINGEL – ECFA – European Children’s Film Association Award • • • • Berlin&Beyond/Youth for German Cinema Award 2019

LOLA German Film Award for Best Children’s Film 2018

mountain miracle movie poster
Tobias Wiemann
Germany, Italy
97 minutes

Amelie (13) thinks of herself as a tough big-city brat and she probably is indeed the most stubborn girl in all of Berlin. Amelie doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do, least of all her parents, who ship her off to a special clinic in the mountains after just another asthma attack. Exactly what Amelie definitely doesn’t want. But instead of getting help at the clinic, she runs off and flees to a place where certainly no one would expect to find her: the top of the mountain. When the clinic and her parents realize she ran away, a big search for her is underway. Focused on trying to find a hiding place in the mountains, Amelie meets the quirky boy named Bart. When Bart saves her life, Amelie realizes that Bart is actually a lot cooler than she first thought. Learning of Amelie’s illness, Bart tells her about an old tradition happening that time of the year, the Alps Mountain Fires. These mountain fires are miracles, which allegedly help cure the sick: humans and animals. Now on a mission to get to the fires in time, the kids take off on an adventurous journey of hope and true friendship.

Special Admission

In the tradition of special films in Germany for the holiday season, this screening is FREE for all children under 12 yrs and GENERAL ADMISSION is $7.00.