German Film Festival presents THE ENDLESS NIGHT


In our Monthly Film Series, we will show a variety of GERMAN or GERMAN language films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On the 2nd Wednesday of each month, audiences will now have a chance to see these films on a regular basis at the CLINTON STREET THEATER. (Children movies will be playing on Sunday afternoons – please check our website.) All films are with English subtitles.

German Film Festival presents THE ENDLESS NIGHT


Wednesday, Nov 10
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CAST:  Karin Hübner, Harald Leipnitz, Louise Martini, Paul Esser, Wolfgang Spier, Werner Peters, Hannelore Elsner, Fritz Rémond jun., Walter Buschhoff, Korinna Rahls, Alexandra Stewart, Bruce Low, Lore Hartling, Narziss Sokatscheff, Gerda Blisse

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The Endless Night / Fog Over Tempelhof - (Die Endlose Nacht)
Will Tremper
West Germany
75 minutes

Berlin Tempelhof Airport: Several flights have been cancelled, and people wait in the fog for planes that don’t arrive. Individual fates come to light behind the usual everyday stories. There’s deception and adultery, lost illusions and ruined careers. Within just a few hours, people are thrown off the seemingly ordered paths of their lives. When the next day arrives, their lives have changed forever.

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$10 General Admission

$8 Student/Senior

$6 Children under Twelve