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Frenetic Films Productions presents SPUNK'S NOT DEAD

Frenetic Films Productions presents SPUNK'S NOT DEAD


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Frenetic Films Productions is ready to launch the next wave of drug-hysteria filmmaking with the release of "Spunk's Not Dead," a genre-blending anthology that chronicles the horrors of the new drug "spunk."

Filled with riotous acts of drug-fueled debauchery, Spunk's Not Dead brings together six filmmakers  to tell the tale of how one drug is mainlining fear into the heart of the nation. It's not rated, but if it were, it would be rated-R for drug use, rampant carnage, drug-fueled dance numbers, and a bodycount that'll keep 'em coming back for more.

The anthology features six segments directed by the best up-and-coming filmmakers the Northwest has to offer, including Jeremy Garner (All Hell Breaks Loose, The Cemetery People), Zach Carter (Son of Evil, Pool of Blood), Bryan Hiltner (Corpse, Elena Vance), Steven K. Jackley (Body, Peekaboo), Christopher Jayawardena (Downcast, The Ride Home), and Calvin Morié McCarthy (If These Walls Could Talk, 3 Flies in a Widow's Web).

Spunk's Not Dead is a micro-budget production, made with a lot of spit and polish, favors, and accrued debt. The film offers something for all horror fans and spunk-lovers. In the grand tradition of films like Reefer Madness and Street Trash, Spunk's Not Dead is the type of film that will leave you with withdrawal when the credits stop rolling.


All across the country, a new drug is taking over the streets, coating them in blood, vomit, and other less savory fluids. Spunk's Not Dead, and it never will be unless we spread the word. From an innocent babysitter who takes her first hit of spunk to longtime spunk junkies, this drug is turning the world upside down. Only you can stop the White Menace! The best defense is education, and the six eye-opening tales in this anthology will make sure that you stay off spunk for the rest of your life.


The Devil's Spunk (Zach Carter) - In this cautionary tale, an all-star athlete takes a "performance enhancing drug" straight from the bowels of hell.

The Babysitter (Jeremy Garner) - A simple night of babysitting turns horrific when spunk becomes involved.

Spunk of the Reaper (Bryan Hiltner) - A young junkie is lured into a frightening household and forced to confront his own death.

Xombie (Steven K. Jackley) - A sleepover turns into a hellish nightmare when an uninvited guest brings a new strain of spunk to the party.

High Score (Christopher Jayawardena) - A recovering addict is torn between his bleak reality and the videogame simplicity of his spunk fantasies.

Spunky Shines (Calvin Morié McCarthy) - A cannibalistic spunk addict learns that sometimes love bites back. 


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$7; purchase in advance through Ticket Bud. While you're there, throw some extra bucks in to support kick-ass independent filmmaking.